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The past

In 2007, a few kids right out of the university decided to found a company with a simple mission statement - to become a local centre of excellence, the go-to guys for our favourite Java technologies and open platforms. Looking back, we maybe knew something about programming, but we had yet to learn what professional software development is all about.

The present

Fast forward to today. Calyx is a company with more than 20 engineers and designers, still focused around the Java stack and open platforms, with a stable set of long term clients. We believe we're going in the right direction. And we're sure we're not there yet.

The future

We have a long way to go. Each new step makes us more aware of how much we have yet to improve. But we love doing that. Passion towards technology, mixed with hard work - that's our approach.

The culture

Here in Calyx, we nurture an open, positive and friendly atmosphere. Saying that we're much more than just a company is not an overstatement in our case. We care a lot about our social capital, which is the backbone of our team. It's something that spills over into relations with our business partners. We love when we hear them describe our collaboration using the same words used here to describe the culture we're trying to build.

Contact us

Headquarters address:

  • Calyx d.o.o.
  • Cvijete Zuzorińá 3
  • 10000 Zagreb
  • Croatia
  • VAT ID: HR97538399819

Yes, yes, you found it. Now you can enjoy the comedy stylings of our office cool guy.

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