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The pains of switching to Mercurial

Vladimir Prenner
December 16, 2010 by Vladimir Prenner

Quite some time ago now, we started switching our projects from Subversion to Mercurial. Why you may ask? After reading Joel Spolsky’s introduction to Mercurial (http://hginit.com/), being the hipsters that we are, we simply had to try it out 🙂 This post won’t be about the advantages and disadvantages of distributed source control systems. It […]

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Memory leak problem in Java

Ivan Klarić
April 29, 2010 by Ivan Klarić

I think that more-less everybody have by now been burned at least once by some memory leaks in Java. Although it sounds impossible (it is a managed language after all, isn’t it?), that actually happens quite often. The problem is usually with leaky abstractions – we, the developers are lead to belive that we don’t […]

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Vladimir Prenner
September 6, 2009 by Vladimir Prenner

I’m amazed at how little we know about the tools we use for our everyday work/leisure. For the past 3/4 days I’ve been amazed with the discovery of the ctrl+shift+T shortcut in Firefox. I’m not aware of when they added it to Firefox, but now I use it all the time! The shortcut does a […]

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Ivan Klarić
April 22, 2009 by Ivan Klarić

Everybody already knows how great file-handling tools *NIX operating systems have. I’m just constantly amazed with how much you can get done in a single command line. For example, imagine a process that does some data processing on a remote machine and logs all the communication between the client and the server machine in one […]

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Guest author: Monitoring from afar

Marko Budišić
April 3, 2009 by Marko Budišić

Let’s just assume that you have some important stuff being done on your server. A computation running, like I do, something getting compiled for a long time, or whatever else you might need. You don’t want to be sitting all the time, sshed in and running tail -f dump.log So you think to yourself: “If […]

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Happy birthday, Calyx!

Ivan Klarić
March 31, 2009 by Ivan Klarić

Exactly two years ago, a couple of geeks from Croatia decided to make a living off of being geeks. Calyx was born exactly two years ago. Actually, it was born a bit before that, but this is the legal birthday, so we celebrate it as the real one. Anyway, they say that your company has […]

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Productivity boost, -40%

Velimir Gašparović
December 17, 2008 by Velimir Gašparović

On friday, we received the best Christmas present ever – the Nintendo Wii (thanks Hasi!). On monday, you could already feel the eagerness of people (well, not really people, developers) coming to the office. But as of today, the eagerness went through the roof – we bought a projector! For code reviews. The following video […]

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