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devteam.getMembers().add(new Developer(“Goran”));

Goran joined our dev team today. We had to upgrade the office, and God knows developers were not meant to use the hammer. As you can see in the picture below, Pablo was quite worried.

Approval, we haz it

Luckily, everything turned out fine in the end. The office is upgraded, no reboot needed. Pablo is now satisfied.

Approval, we haz it!

Approval, we haz it!

p.s. A quite fascinating thing just happened. Venus aligned with the moon to form something looking extremely similar to the Turkish flag inverted horizontally.

This must be an omen, the One has come! ­čÖé

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  • excellente analiytical

    hahahahaha! they are now called: the unstoppables. microsoft, be afraid, be very afraid!

  • Marko the Kum

    Long live Goran! Long live Calyx! Long live Atatuerk!

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