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Going right-wing (at least brain-wise)

Who said that we, left-brainers, cannot be creative?

To be honest, the origin of this poster is 99% left-brain, but nevertheless it can be printed – i guess that makes it art 🙂

The masterpiece is generated using the popular “ctrl+c/ctrl+v” technique, which was applied on one of our Java source code files, and pasting it in the web-based word cloud generation system (wordle.net).

p.s. the “Infigo” t-shirt i’m wearing in the pic is just a ticket for a free lunch…;)

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  • Una

    Oh, Boze, Boze……

  • asparagus

    i forgot to mention, you can obtain the PDF version by donating 0.99 EUR to the Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society (http://www.justgiving.com/wdcs) 🙂

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