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Happy birthday, Calyx!

Exactly two years ago, a couple of geeks from Croatia decided to make a living off of being geeks. Calyx was born exactly two years ago. Actually, it was born a bit before that, but this is the legal birthday, so we celebrate it as the real one. Anyway, they say that your company has to survive for three years to be a “real” company, so I guess we just have one more to go 🙂 If we look at what we did in the last two years, I would say that a lot has been accomplished, but there is still much of the road ahead of us. We’re getting a bit stronger these days, so a new member should join the lot, but more on that in the days to come.

BTW, did you know that the next two suggestions for the company name were InCumulo and FooBar? Whoever can guess the explanation for those two names has a beer 😉

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  • doorman


    Wish you all the best and many many geeky years to come!

    Now that you have my congrats and admiration, on to the beer contest 😛

    foo & bar – two well known variable names to all of us who actually learned to program from books, rather than from other “real humans” 🙂

    unfortunatelly (for me), I don’t know the other one, but I guess Mr Foo and Mrs Bar guarantee me at least a small beer!

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