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We take great pride in our work.

Calyx started offering its development services in 2007. Since then, we have worked on both big and small projects - with the same result. We always became the go-to guys for the client when it comes down to great engineering. We have achieved that by hard work, knowledge, transparency and proactive approach.

We value and nurture a long-term relationship with our clients.

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Siemens Product development

In collaboration with Siemens CVC we have built a CRM iPad application, to be used by Siemens Sales Force on the go. Our services included everything from UX design to native iOS development.

BKA Product development

In collaboration with the viennese company MobileMind, we've developed a solution for the Austrian Federal Chancellery used actively by all Austrian ministries for reporting results to the general public.

Intesa Sanpaolo Project Management

We've provided project management services for Intesa Sanpaolo Card, a payment card processor servicing clients in the financial and banking sector across Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

T-com Back Office Web Application

In collaboration with engineers from Combis and Hrvatski Telekom, we've developed a backoffice Web application for the management of prepaid mobile users for the largest Croatian telecom company.

Ericsson Cadastre and Land Registry

We've joined forces with Ericsson to work on one of the most complex tech projects in Croatia to this date, the so called "Organized Land" project. The project is aimed at streamlining the cadastre and land registry systems of Croatia.

Pliva Plivazdravlje Portfolio

We've developed multiple mobile applications for Plivazdravlje, a health portal of the largest Croatian pharmaceutical company. The applications include a pollen forecast, a diet planner for various diseases and a health-related news reader.

Telapi Java Library

TelAPI is a platform that you can build on to create voice and SMS applications, and we've developed Open Source libraries which make it easier for developers to use the API from the Java environment. The libraries are available on GitHub.

iPlayerHD General Product Development

We're proud to be development partners of iPlayerHD, a feature-rich professional business video hosting provider. It's been very exciting to tackle various engineering problems in the video hosting domain.

Carpusoft IVF Clinic Management

Carpusoft is a startup focusing on the In-Vitro Fertilization business sector, aiming to become the de-facto standard of IVF clinic software. In collaboration with IVF experts, we developed a Web application for management, tracking and analysis of fertility treatment procedures.

Hungr.io Product Development

Hungr.io is a start-up trying to stir up the restaurant business by providing real-time communication channels to customers. We've developed the mobile apps (Android and iPhone) as well as the backend Web app and we keep our fingers crossed for the guys to make an impact.

Internet Banking

We've been working side by side with CROZ, one of the largest Croatian software development companies, to deliver the public Internet banking application for one of the leading banks in the region.

Tisco Software Development

Our successful collaboration with tisco started in 2006, spanning over multiple projects in various technological domains - from shiny mobile apps to hardcore server side performance optimizations. Partnerships like this one is what business is all about.

Woodapples Product Development

Woodapples is a location-based, mobile ad-serving platform. We’ve been in charge of the platform’s underlying software solution - the server-side backbone, administrative Web app as well as the customer facing mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Cassie Centralized Data Repository

Cassie is our data repository solution tailored for small to medium-sized pharmaceutical, life sciences and food companies. It centralizes the data collection and archiving in laboratories and it's actively used by multiple clients.

Ericsson Ericsson Mobile Health

Working in close collaboration with Ericsson, we've delivered a complete mobile solution consisting of an Android application that communicates with multiple medical sensors via Bluetooth, displays the data graphically and stores it to the server for a remote doctor.

Teva Business Web Applications

With Pliva joining the Teva group, we've extended our long-term partnership with Pliva and started collaborating with Teva Pharmaceuticals on enterprise projects with multinational impact.

FotoIN Product Development

A startup we've been part of since its inception, FotoIN is set out to change the way field photos are captured and managed. Calyx developed the iOS and Android apps, as well as the backend administration Web app.

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