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Redmine scheduled (and recurring) issues

Here at Calyx, we’re using Redmine as our Issue Tracking System.

Recently we’ve started using it not only to handle our  software development processes, but also administrative ones. With that, a very strong use case came up that is not supported by Redmine out of the box – scheduled/recurring tasks. And for a good reason, since that’s not a natural feature of a project management system.

So, I’ve searched for the best way to misuse the product.

Besides learning that a lot of people ask for that feature, I’ve googled up a plugin that can be installed into Redmine. Oddly enough, reading the installation instructions scared me off into a more h4x0r solution.

Turns out, Redmine has a REST API. For me, that screamed for a cron’d cURL. In order to use the API, enable it in your Redmine settings and get your API key from the web interface.

A sample API call looks like this:

All data needed to create the new issues is specified in the file /path/to/scheduledJobs/newIssueData.json, for example:

There’s much more to the Redmine REST API, but this served the purpose for my case.

All that was left to do was scheduling, a few crontab entries did the magic.

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  • Franjo Stipanovic

    Looks good. Plain and simple 🙂 Thanks.

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