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We're a small team of seasoned software development professionals.

Operating since 2007, we've helped a lot of businesses, big and small, with tailored software solutions to meet their specific needs.

Being small forces us to always execute in our starting lineup. By hiring Calyx, you're tapping into the experience of our whole team, founders included.

About us

What differentiates us from a typical software development agency is our focus on quality rather than quantity.

We want to stay small and efficient, our added value is created through the quality of our work, rather than throwing more developers at the problem.

Our approach
Vision & Strategy
Helping you define the product, challenging assumptions, brainstorming.
Interaction Design
Conceptualizing and creating easy to use interfaces.
Implementing the product with a software solution that runs smoothly.
Getting your product out of the assembly line and in the hands of users.
Support & Maintenance
Monitoring and supporting your product, quickly responding to real-life events.
What defines us?

Being small is what defines us and the way we work. We can only work with a small number of clients, meaning our relationships are long-term and we practically become part of your team.

We share your problems, we have a vested interest in your success, we challenge your assumptions. We care about your business.

What we don't do

Open-ended rentals of commoditized developers on time & material basis ("give me 3 developers for 12 months"), without clear delineation of responsibilities and scope of work.

If you're interested in tech things under the hood, our favorite stack consists of: